Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome people!

So I know lots of great people are recapping YA books these days, and I've been looking for my niche. I was talking to the talented Ames of Somewhere Between YA Lit and Death when it occurred to me that nobody's been doing Beverly Cleary, at least as far as I know. Score! I loved Beverly Cleary as a kid; she writes about a happy universe where bad things don't happen, aside from normal thoughts and everyday embarrassments of happy kids. Nice break from the cancer and date rape right? I'll be starting with one of the stand alone novels, Fifteen, and then moving into the Henry Huggins series- which is where we first get introduced to Ramona. Trust me, I want to jump ahead, but Ramona deserves some buildup. I mean, she named her doll Chevrolet. She had an elephant named Ella Funt. She pulled that stupid bitch Susan's hair, and eventually she had a crush on Yard Ape. Ramona Quimby is AWESOME. If anyone has any suggestions or requests, feel free to email me, but the goal is to recap every one of Beverly's books. And now I need to go start rereading Fifteen, ignoring Grey's Anatomy waiting on my DVR, and the lure of and do as Ramona commands and Drop Everything and Read.

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A. said...

YES! I used to love these books...I'm so glad someone is paying homage to Ramona.